Monday, October 26, 2009

Soul Food

I love Sunday mornings. They make me think of steaming hot mugs of coffee, with the sweet smell of roasted coffee beans waftng through the air, it also reminds me of rainy mornings, another reason to snuggle deeper in the duvet and just lie there listening to the tapping sounds of the rain on your roof.

I quite like driving into KL on an early Sunday morning. The roads would be clear and everything would just slow down.

I love Sunday morning breakfast. It’s the only day in the week when I don’t wolf down my meal hoping to beat the time. Sunday morning breakfast are meant to be savored and enjoyed.

This particular Sunday morning was spent in the company of a very dear friend and her daughter at The Apartment in KLCC. I’ve had not one but two disastrous experiences with the above mentioned restaurant. Previously, the food was bland, it was too fusion for my liking and the portions were small.  The only thing that  I liked about The Apartment was the decor. Urban style living with a touch of vintage. Thus that became the sole reason why a third trip was planned a few days in advance, we were both looking for a place with an ambience, plus I needed to arrange an event with them and I had to go discuss a few things.

I was browsing through the menu skeptically, biding my time, afraid of ordering knowing that I would probably hate it,with one of the chefs seated across from me. I think he knew what was going through my mind when he subtly mentioned that the menu has undergone a revamp with new items on the list. 

I think my friend and I both looked so relieved that the chef chuckled and even suggested a few must try items. 

I know what we ordered was definitely not breakfast food, but they didn’t have a breakfast menu. So we did the next best thing that we could do, have brunch. I think it was in fact just another excuse for us to gorge ourselves by saying we deserved it after a hard week at work. Cheh!

I remember ooh-ing and aahhh-ing over their Codfish with Aioli with a generous serving of mash potato and a single snow pea as the garnish. The fish was succulent, the skin crispy with subtle tastes of herbs. Trust me, it is very the sedap.


What I ordered was actually their Steak Sandwich. You can have the option of with or without melted cheddar cheese on top of the steak. I went without, but I think that the sandwich would have tasted better with the cheese. The Steak Sandwich comes with chips and 3 rings of onion rings and a layer of watercress in between the meat and the bread. The Steak Sandwich would leave you feeling full.


My dear friend codename Puan Sri had a serving of their  Lambshank with potato wedges on the side. The meat was tender and juicy with a distinct flavor of rosemary.


Dessert was a recommendation from the chef. Eton Mess, a combination of meringue, strawberry, strawberry caulis and vanilla cream. The whole combination was served chilled, tower like with the stream of strawberry caulis running all over the meringue and cream, finished with sprinkles of strawberries on top. Sorry guys, no picture for this one. I was so absorbed in enjoying my dessert that I forgot to take pictures.

This time around, I’m singing nothing but praises for the food at The Apartment in KLCC. Definitely worth waking up on a lazy Sunday morning.

And so, I adore my Sunday breakfast retreats. It’s one of those moments when you get to take a break, sit down, savor the food and the most important element of all, share a few laughs with those that matter.

Am looking forward to my next Sunday breakfast.

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Sir Pök Déng said...

Why you want me to click on the pictures? You wanna make me lost unconscious after staring at them at larger scale?

Cinta said...

Pok Deng,
why would u be unconscious??? :)

Sir Pök Déng said...

They are looking all so good that I fear I will faint after drooling too much.