Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Type, Backspace.

Sometimes we all need a little push here and a shove there to get going again.  Thank you for the gentle email prodding I received. I humbly thank you Tata of the Hills. I have to warn you though, I may be a tad bit rusty here and there, I need a few practice runs.

Would you believe me if I say I’m out of stories to tell?

I type out a few words, a few sentences then I hit the Backspace button. I stare off into space, type out a few words, a few sentences and hit the Backspace button yet again. I keep on repeating this a few more times. Type, backspace.Type, backspace. Then I stare at the curtains hanging in my room.

I suddenly remember that my passport needs to be renewed. Immigration was nice enough to mail me two reminders. Not that you needed to know all that.

I need to date again. Yes, a date. A girl, a boy and dinner. Haven’t been to one of those in quite some time. The last boy I went out with was Pak Syed and I don’t think Pak Syed accounts as a date.

Ohhh! I just remembered. I’ve been meaning to blog about this one particular  issue for quite some time. But tonight is not the night because my lappy is about to die down on me and I’ve made myself too comfy on the bed to get up and get the charger. :))

Be seeing ya tomorrow with an update. Good night now. Mimpi yang indah indah.


Dottie with Dots said...

I'm done with dating I guess. Too old fer that.

Happy hunting neeways. I'm looking forward for your next post. :)

pakmat said...

...cinta..(a big toothless grin here..)sometimes life just does not click..enjoy the date..

Cinta said...

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

Pak Mat,
thanx hehe