Monday, January 25, 2010

Adukataruna Naruto Shippuuden Doraemon

Ok I was busy typing away now that I my name card states that I am a writer. I am a writer therefore I write and type. I type and type and type till I can’t type no more. I’m typing this while listening to Sex and the City on my iPod and researching for materials for my next article over the internet. Talk about multi tasking or maybe not so much of multi tasking, just distracted at the moment.

What made me what to write today is adukataruna.

It is of my personal opinion that this Adukataruna Naruto Shippuuden Doraemon is a man of a miserable life with miserable friends with nothing but hate in his heart. He must have been a bully in school, making everyone’s life miserable.

He should be introduced to Mawi’s sister in law. Both of them are scums. No, they’re worse than scum. They’re the fungus that feeds upon the scum. Fungus that feeds upon the scum at the very bottom of the nastiest, dirtiest, foulest smelling sewage plant ever. Visualize that.

Freedom of speech is not something to be taken lightly or in Adukataruna Naruto Shippuuden Doraemon’s case, stupidly, idiotically and most importantly, inhumanly.

Regardless of who they may have been while they were living, the point is the person has passed away. Kau dah hilang akal or kepala otak letak kat lutut ke? No religion in the whole world or the universe including the galaxies has ever taught to taunt a person who has passed away. No, taunt is too nice of a word to describe what he did. Orang dah meninggal sedekahkan al-fatihah la bongok. Tu la sekolah agama tak nak pergi.

The picture so contradicts hid beliefs and perhaps principles.

I seriously hope that he will be charged.

Now he has tainted this blog with his hatred because I hate him.


Sir Pök Déng said...

Ah, that guy. I've read his flaming words. Nothing more than a poor guy who needs more attention. He finally cuts his lips with his own tongue.

In Sarawak, there's a huge popularity given to Hani Tarmizi. Google it.

Tranquility said...

The dead needs nothing else but doa.