Sunday, June 20, 2010

Turn around

Now that the crying and feeling sorry for myself part is over and done with, I am now angry and I want to kick The Syed for doing this to me. Angry. Extremely angry.


The Tea Drinker said...

anger leads to the darkside.

besides... u've wasted enough time on him already, kan?

DrSam said...

Kicking anybody's ass at the moment won't do much good anyway. I can feel PWHS, you are an intelligent and strong girl. Channel that energy towards something more meaningful for yourself.

The Syed...he has found his 'Europe' and let him be what he wanted to be. That is his-story. You can open another new exciting chapter for yourself and make it even more colorful.

Cinta said...

yes, enough time already. Moving on now.

Dr. Sam;
Opening a new book already. :) Life goes on. Thanx for the positive encouragement!

Ri... said...

... sigh... This Too Shall Pass...


FairyGodmother said...

i hope i am a Lifetime in ur life.

and yes, nobody dies of a heartache.

and yes, nobody dies of getting a kick on the groin eaither, so if you feel like doing it, u wont go to jail.

enjoy Medan. will be waiting for u to come back and go coffee2.

Cinta said...


Of course you are!