Thursday, July 29, 2010

Invisible you

I got home around 3.30am this morning after a 2-hour flight delay from Manila, and I’m here in the office a few hours later, groggy, drowsy and seeing everything around my workstation in two’s. As much as I was tempted to stay in bed when my alarm struck five this morning, I had to remind myself that I promised the boss to come back on Tuesday, rain or shine when I wanted her to sign on the dotted line saying that it was ok for me to disappear for three days leaving only two of my colleagues to hold the fort down, in the land where they sing to the tunes of Malaysia Truly Asia, where assignments come in at the very last minute and deadlines were supposed to be met yesterday instead of a certain point of time in the near future.

But it is not Manila that I want to write about at this particular moment. Wonderful as it was, I’m keeping that for another entry.

Maybe it’s just me and my weird sense of how I see the world around me. It is a matter made up of a purely trivial and mundane issue, but it bothered me none the less.

With the world being as connected as it is now, having maybe all 3 or 4 of our messenger applications turned on round the clock on our BlackBerry, iPhones and what nots, it is sometimes good to just be invisible.

I see you but you can’t see me. Or just maybe, I don’t feel like talking to you. Isn’t that part of the charm of being invisible? Now, if only this cloak of invisibility would somehow work in real life.

Anyway, maybe due to the lack of sleep, I found myself easily irked and somewhat irritated by the simple fact of a friend choosing to be invisible on her messenger. Actually, it wasn’t because she was invisible that got me on edge, but in some weird sense it was because she was invisible, and yet kept on buzz-ing and ping-ing me for a response. I don’t see you, remember?

One would probably roll their eyes at me right now. Making such a big fuss out of this whole invisibility business.

It’s really simple actually. Being invisible lets out a certain message that you are in this cave where you choose not to be reachable. If you choose to go under the cloak of invisibility, it is best that you stay that way. Should you choose to come out of hiding, then there is this little button where you can alter you presence here on the World Wide Web. Choose who you wish to communicate with, and then have the courtesy to appear visible to them. Communication is a two way thing.

Life is simple. Really, or did I just make it a tad bit difficult and confusing? Excuse my ranting and raving. I need to sleep.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hopping on a Train

It's never easy, especially on cold, gloomy, rainy afternoons like this. But you soldier on anyway. You have to, or you'd miss the train, and trains never do wait for you.

It's July already. Really. I wouldn't want to miss the train.