Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speechless in KL

I ran into an old classmate today. We haven't spoken in over a decade. Frankly, I was astounded as to why she actually made the effort to come over and say hi when all this while; she has been avoiding me like the plague. Maybe her curiosity took the better of her; I was sitting with a guy having coffee. Good gossip material I guess.

Kisses on the cheek, small hug and polite pleasantries were exchanged. The standard "what have you been doing and what are up to" were in order. Being Malaysians, I guess one cannot help but to comment on the other's weight gain for lack of anything significant to say. The dreaded but inevitable statement of "Besarnya kau sekarang" was just waiting round the bend to make its appearance…and it did not fail. Having dispensed with scrutinizing my weight, she finally got down to business.

The M word. Marriage. When am I getting married.

Good question. Now if anybody else out there has any answer to that, do let me know because quite frankly, the question has kind of lost its charm. Especially coming from people whom I haven't spoken to in 10 years. No longer would I blush, shyly saying "bila ada jodoh nanti, insyallah saya kahwin". Tell me, how do you give reason or answer to something which is unpredictable? How can you foresee the future? Because seriously, if I have the slightest idea of when it is ever going to happen, trust me, you would've received invitations by now. And if I know when or who I'll be married to, I'd stop dating half of the male population in Kl. Why should I bother, since I already know when and to whom I'm getting married to.

I'm diverting from what I originally wanted to share with you. Focus.

Question was asked and I felt it was impolite too just stare at her while at the same time wishing that wind would just blow her away since she's as thin as a stick. I guess an answer was expected. Or she wouldn't be standing there with an expectant face. Or maybe I was just imagining things???

"kawin? Nantilah, tunggu I kurus dulu"

"kurus?? Memang confirm la tak kawin sampai bila bila kalau macam tu"

Can somebody just take her away? I might end up stabbing her. Repeatedly.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

For a Moment

I've been blogging a lot in my mind lately. Whenever I think of something or see something blog-worthy, I keep snippets of words and thoughts in my mind and promise to get it all down on keyboard to monitor to cyberspace once I get home or at the very least once I can take a breather in between.

But I guess it's been one of those days when what I see, or hear or think isn't that simple to translate into words. I sit and stare at the monitor and try as I might, I couldn't seem to find the words.

The mind does wonder. It goes from one point to another, one memory to the other and one person to the next. I've been thinking about the circle of friends that I have around me, wondering whether I'd be missed if I were to disappear all of a sudden. I've been thinking about my family, and hoping and wishing that every bad thing that has happened the last few months could just disappear. I ponder on what I do for a living. They say that if you're not happy doing what you're doing then maybe it's time to seek for something else. I can't quite put my finger on that. I do have my moments, when I'm happy at work and of course the feeling of misery would definitely creep in once in a while. The truth is, I can't seem to figure myself out.

Hmmm..I can't say that I'm actually saddened by the news of the demise of the King of Pop, MJ. I have never been a fan. But the world has just lost one of its greatest entertainers. His music will live on forever, and I do mean that.

This entry is another classic example of random thoughts without a clear structure of an idea of what I wish to say, and for the sake of updating. Life is great, yes. But it's one of those moments you know…

I think I'm gonna go and make a cup of hot Lipton milk tea in vanilla flavor. Then I'm gonna watch an episode of Sex and the City. That always helps.

Have a great week ahead!

Yours Truly,


Monday, June 22, 2009

It’s My Day

I'm taking the day off.

Heading to Tesco in Mutiara Damansara in a bit cause the kitchen looks a bit barren. Need to replenish my stock. I'm going to be having a jolly good time in Tesco cause it's a Monday and no weekend crowd and no stray trolleys on the aisle!

Then it's to MPH or maybe Borders, and finally over to Badan Warisan Malaysia in Jalan Stonor for an exhibition.

Hope your Monday would be just as great!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say What?

I only have this to say for today


no...I'm not throwing profanities here.


Monday, June 15, 2009

My Happy Life

The past week I've been bombarded with happy news of friend's pregnancy. So I'm thinking that this video from Tompi "My Happy Life" would be most apt.

Have a great week ahead!

Merdu suaramu terdengar mengalun
Indahnya senyummu kalahkan pelangi
Hatiku tertegun di saat kau hadir
Kini engkaulah cinta,
Engkaulah bintangku

Cepatlah kau tumbuh
'Ku tak sabar menunggumu
Berlari denganku hadapi dunia
'Ku doakan slalu kau besar dengan cintamu
Buatlah dunia bahagia denganmu

Dan aku 'kan slalu menjagamu
Memberi yang terbaik dariku
Dengarkan wahai bintang kecilku
Hati ini bernyanyi hanya untukmu

Love Love Love Love...
You're my happy life
Love Love Love Love...
Hidup bahagiaku
Love Love Love Love...
You're my happy life
Love Love Love Love...
Love Love Love Love

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Meant for Sharing

My first birthday gift that I can remember were from my parents. It was a shiny, hard cover, illustrated book with the title "The Purple Elephant". I learned English through reading stories from Britannica's Fables and Tales. My first story that I had to read in English was one of Aesop's fables about the fox who wanted the grapes. My father would make me sit in the living room every night and had me reading aloud from that book. No..I'm not going to say that those were my fondest memories because my father is extremely temperamental whenever I fumble on a word. I would cry whenever he got irritated and started to pinch me. Yes, he did that.

When my family and I were about to move back to Malaysia, my ESL teacher, Mrs. Gloria Dogan gave me the book "The Velveteen Rabbit". It's an American classic. The book was very beatiful with lovely pictures in them. I've been in love with books eversince. I still keep those books. Those, I can never give away. They are a part of me because of the memories that they hold.

Don't buy me flowers, don't buy me chocolates or even jewellery. Buy me a book and I'll forever be yours. :)

I have a few books that I want to share and give away. Honestly, it breaks my heart everytime I have to part with a book. But that somebody told me once that books are meant to be shared, not kept on the shelves for it to collect dust. Postal or courier charges will be covered. I just want you to enjoy the books.

If any of the titles below might interest you, let me know. Just advice me on where I should send the books to. Don't leave your address in the comment box. If you would be so kind to email them to me instead, I would appreciate it very much. For my email address, just click on my profile.

Have a good weekend. I'm looking forward to lunches and breakfasts with friends that I haven't seen for quite a while. A weekend for catching up. It'll be a girl-bonding weekend for me.

Where ever you will be this weekend, what ever you do be safe, and have fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fudge! Fudge! Fudge!

YOU walked by MY HOUSE with YOUR dog. My CAT was minding her own dozing off under my car. YOUR dog saw my cat and started to CHASE it.

WHY did YOU have to KICK my CAT TWICE??? When I ran to stop you, your pathetic excuse was that MY cat BIT your DOG. Are you serious??

I saw the whole thing from the mamak place across the street you lame-ass!! Argggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Kesian BOO.. :(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Queen’s English

English a must pass subject to obtain the SPM certificate? I am not going to write a lengthy write up on why we should make English a must pass subject. I'm sure there are a number of other bloggers who have done a much much better job at it than I ever will. We're all journalists now aren't we? Btw, that's a title of a book by Scott Gant

It's all very simple really. Until our universities stop accepting those with a C7 or is it F7, I can't remember, for their English during SPM into TESL programs and until the Ministry and all public universities in Malaysia stop producing teachers who come up with sentences such as those below and allowing them to graduate;

  • In the other hand
  • It's mean
  • "I want to get laid" instead of "I want to lay down"
  • Do you ever went to Singapore?

Then and only then, can the MOE have a say or the upper hand to determine whether English should be a must pass subject in SPM. I'm all for supporting the proposal, I know the advantages of being able to master the language, and the possibilities are endless. But we need to be fair to the students. The nation needs better English teachers. I rest my case.


There are many, many great English teachers around. They have done an amazing job educating and guiding their students. The writing above is not a reflection on the teaching profession as a whole, merely just on a small number of those teaching English and those that I have encountered personally. A Small but significant number if anything is not done soon.

Shower Time.

We knew each other from our moonlighting days at the Blue Network. I played the songs and she read the news. Our only communication back then was when it was time for me to patch her through the airwaves. "Hey K, you ready? 2 minutes." That was about it, except maybe a few occasional smiles and acknowledging nods across the corridors. I left the station and she left a few months later. I thought that was it. She would just be another person from another chapter in my life until we were re-introduced again by a mutual friend about 2 years back. Only then did we actually start to become friends.
K has an interesting life story, but it's not my story to tell. She is an extremely independent and opinionated woman. She is also one of those women who fights and perseveres. K is loyal. A loyal friend and a loyal partner. Once she decides that she cares, be rest assured that K would have your back. She is a pillar of strength to many friends and I love her. She has also been trying to have a baby for the past 8 years.
So when our friend The fairy Godmother called to tell me the news and that K is taking me up on my offer to host her baby shower, I was ecstatic. Too happy to string proper sentences, my words came out incoherently. Happy- that- I- felt- like- dancing- out –in- the- street- happy. So K, I am honored to be hosting your baby shower. I promise you that the shower will be a reflection of how loved you are by us and also of the coming addition to your life and ours.
Time for me to get out my planner and start surfing those baby shower websites again. I love you K and I couldn't be happier for you. Counting down the days till the little one makes his/her appearance.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tuesday Morning

I'm sitting here, at a table in the KL Library, with a view of the city. I look out the glass window and see KLCC, the KL Tower and a gorgeous view of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Dataran Merdeka. The flags enclosing the Dataran are flapping gently against the morning breeze. I was staring out at the ongoing traffic and reminiscing of yesteryears when I was 16. The morning of the nation's 38th Independence celebration, I was part of the formation of our Jalur Gemilang. Time flew by so fast, the building that I am in right now have yet to exist back then.

I notice a yellow school bus parked by the roadside next to the Dataran. I scanned the Dataran, searching for something. There they are. I saw a group of primary school boys, judging from the dark blue color pants that they're wearing, huddled together for a group photo with the Sultan Abdul Samad building in the background and the two towers in the distance. A picture with KL's past and it's future. You can never get that elsewhere. Of its past and present co-existing, blending. I can't see their expression from where I am, but I sense a feeling elation from their skips and exuberant runs around the Dataran.I chuckled and wished I was there amongst them. Laughing and running and being carefree. I silently greeted them with a "welcome to KL boys."

This is my city, where I was born and raised. My heart swelled with pride. I wish them a wonderful time in this city of mine. The sights, the sounds and the people here each have a story to tell. Maybe of laughter and happy moments, and perhaps of tears and hardships. Did they know that the city was burnt down once in 1881? From attap houses to brick and tile, the city fought and struggled to live on, to be the centre of the nation. For 44 months, from January 11 1942, Kuala Lumpur was occupied by the Japanese forces. The city holds many history. The city has also witnessed many dreams and many hopes. This city has many stories to tell. Only if you are interested enough to know. The city is what you make of it.

I just sat there, on the chair in the library, with a view of the city and watching. Watching the people down there on the Dataran, watching the traffic go by and wondering where they're going. Watching the tall buildings and wondering about the people in them. I'm sitting here, taking a breather from work, from the outside world, if just for a moment.

The boys are boarding their bus now. Perhaps to KLCC next. Or maybe the twin towers. The pride of the nation. How far she's grown. Another bus just pulled in. A white and green tourist bus. I see a group of adults this time. Cameras poised and ready. I wish I could say to them, take a picture, know the story...love the city.

I have a feeling that perhaps one or two of those boys will come back in a few years time, to be a part of this city. Until that time comes, the city will continue to thrive and until day comes, the heart of the city will continue to beat and be home to me.

Back to work now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pick of the Week

A little something to start your Monday with. Have a great week ahead!

Promise me that you will listen to this song.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A conversation between me and my 7 year old cousin Fara last Friday evening.

Fara : Kaklong, how old are you?

Me : Emmm....30 la Fara, kenapa?

Fara : Adik kaklong yang kawin haritu, how old is she?

Me : Alamak, akak lupa umur adik sendiri la, 27 kot.

Fara : Haa tengok, adik kaklong yang baru 27 dah kawin, kaklong bila nak kawin.

Me : Haha, Fara tolong la carikan boyfriend untuk akak. Nanti akak boleh kawin.

Fara : Ala kaklong cari je la kat
http://www.carijodoh.com/ apa susah...

Me :

I was flabbergasted that my 7 year old cousin knew such a site existed and it she actually knew what it was for. I went online to take a peek and see whether there was any such site. The actual url is http://www.carjodohmelayu.com/.

Should I actually worry that Fara knows such a site actually exists or I should actually read between the lines and understand that she's actually trying to say that "will you get married already?!" :)

To Each Her Own

My mother and aunts are not big fans of my definition of hospitality.

Many moons ago, when life was all about exams, assignments and when is my scholarship ever going to be banked in, my home was the home-away-from-home central to all my friends. Come Friday or sometimes even earlier than that, you will see a group of loud Teslians (when were we ever quiet anyway?) trudging the hilly residential area of UPM, lugging with us bags filled with a week's worth of laundry, slowing making our way to the bus stop. Metro bus number 70. It goes from Serdang all the way to Kotaraya. It's been a long long time since I last heard "masuk lagi! masuk lagi" Belakang tu masuk lagi!" Yes abang conductor bas, I'm already squashed back here you know. Ewwww..and what is that smell? Oh, it's that guy with his hands raised high in the air holding on the railings. I would mumble and grumble and swear to myself and say "cik abang, ever heard of deodorant?" A little bird told me sometime ago that particular cik abang with the body odour is now an engineer with a very well known foreign oil company. So note to self; don't judge a person by his body odour.

At home, I prefer to treat my friends like they are part of the family. I would ask them to cook with me, share the chores etc. My mother would often nag and stare at me willing that her stare could actually do me bodily harm. "They're guests, she would say. Why are you making them do work?" Free labor mother, I would say and quickly scoot out of her way before another long lecture on hospitality which could get me into a hospital, nag overdose'd. i wouldn't be comfortable staying at the home of a friend and do nothing. I know that's being hospitable, but I'd rather be in the kitchen helping out or even help watering the plants.

Maybe I'm weird in that sense, but for you to actually be a friend of mine, means that you are comfortable around me and my home.

But of course, I won't do that to friends of parents or elder relatives. So to potential monther-in-laws, fret not, you shall be treated like a queen.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Went Weak in the Knees.

Ok so there I was, at 2.30pm on a Friday afternoon, happily driving along Penchala Link and turning into Jalan Duta. The road was going downhill. I stepped on the brake pedal to go a bit slower...and it froze! The brake to my car completely froze and it wouldn't budge an inch. I was going at 80km/ph, the road was sloping downhill and I felt like the car was sliding out of my control. I shoved at the brake again,praying that the car would slow down. As far as I can see, in that blink of a second, I had two choices. I could either open the car door and jump out and die on the spot because I know for definite that the cars behind me will not have the time to swerve, or I could crash my car to the side divider to avoid colliding with the cars in front me. Not very appealing choices I must say. I needed plan C.

I pushed the hazard light switch on, stepped on the brake pedal once again like my life depended on it and I do mean that literally, and slowly pulled up my handbrake while at the same time easing my car to the shoulder of the road. I must have stopped breathing during the whole ordeal. With car off the road and engine turned off, I stared at the road in front of me for about 3 minutes and I immediately went weak in the knees.

Made a few calls, cancelled all my appointments, pulled out my Etiqa auto assist emergency calling card and called for a tow truck. Thank god I immediately slipped the card into my purse when I went to renew my insurance. That done and tow truck was on its way, I called the cab. A bit of confusion with the cab company because I think they thought that I was kidding when I said that I was by the roadside a few hundred metres away from Lembaga Peperiksaan.

The tow truck took about an hour to get there, traffic probably, so I made a call to an ex while waiting. Like I said before, I'm still friends with all my ex's. I'm not sure why it was him in particular that I called but I guess I somehow knew that he would say the right things. I didn't even want him to come and pick me up. I just needed to hear something that would somehow help me understand what happened to my car and somebody who doesn't think that I was menggelabah over the top. I explained the situation I was in. He told me to feel which of my rims felt hot. So I did and the one in front was terribly hot. Told him so and he explained that the caliper pump was jammed. Ok so when I get to Proton Service, I would at least know what to say.

The few minutes after the tow truck towed away my car, I was left alone by the roadside waiting for the cab. Other drivers would probably think that I had a huge fight with my significant other and in diva like fashion, demanded to be let out of the car immediately. And if before this I had any doubts as to whether I was hot or not, I can be sleep easy from now on. Thank you to all the abang abang yang bawak lori yang honking like mad every time you passed by me. Oh, and thank you for the wolf whistles as well. :p I take all the honking and whistles as a compliment.

Thank you Lily from Etiqa Auto Assist for checking up on me every 10 minutes and making sure that I was all right. No thank you to Latiff from Proton Service Centre for greeting me with that sour look on your face. Senyum la sikit bang. It wouldn't kill you, you know. Sumpah I takde niat nak ngorat you pun kalau you senyum.

So today was the day the day that I went weak in the knees.

Now somebody pass me those mini signs which you stick on the back window of your car which says "BITCH on Board". I think I deserve that cause I know I was a Babe in Total Control of Herself today :) Now that's girl power.

Lemonade Anyone?

You know... I was just thinking. When they say "when life gives you lemon, make lemonade" what exactly does it mean? what if I don't want to make lemonades? what if I want something else instead? A strawberry shake? Or maybe an ice cold watermelon juice?

Because I'm seeing it this way, it is saying that you should just settle for whatever life throws at you and be contented with just that.Or maybe, I'm having too much time on my hands right now and the question should never have come up in the first place because it means that make the best of what you're given.
But that brings me back to square one. Because from what I understand, I should just settle. Maybe I don't want to settle? Maybe I want something more.

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.” -CB

But like I said, I was just thinking...