Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Cik Normah

I’m fine now. Emosi sudah kembali stabil. I reckon I was experiencing a bout of catatonic mood swing. Happens only to the best of us.

Original entry post mood swing is supposed to be about this little girl I met during Terawikh but I’ll get to that later. Promise promise.

Tonight, allow me to rant and rave. It’s part of the 12 step post mood swing recovery process.

Dear Kak Normah of Berita Harian,

I read your little piece today. Of Ain or is it Ekin getting married after Aidilfitri to a duda anak 3.

Kak Normah, correction.

The guy in the picture is no duda. He is very much still married. He has 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl, and a very down-to-earth wife who is very loyal to him.

Ain is very much delusional. Or perhaps just desperate to be married to a rich man. Yes kak Normah, the man in the picture is extremely rich. Yet again, I would like to stress that he is STILL married. She’s about to break up a family.

No kak Normah. I’m not doing this out of spite or out of raving jealousy. It made me queasy reading how you wish them all the luck in the world because you see…take away his millions, I doubt he would be that much attractive in the eyes of what-ever-her-name-is. Serious.

I could actually care less of who the plastic look-a-alike wants to marry and spend her happily ever afters with. I just despise the fact that she’s splattering it all over the papers for all to see. Regardless of how his wife and kids might feel.

Just for fun, let’s imagine that Mawi is doing the exact same thing she’s doing. 

Having ranted and raved, allow me to go back into a zen-like state of mind.


Dottie with Dots said...

now where's the story of a little girl that u met during terawikh that u promised?

DrSam said...

I am not sure exactly what the story is all about but I hope Kak Normah read your posting.

Hazira said...

ni lelaki tu ke? nape mcm tak hensem seperti yg diwar2kan....ahakss

mizzyN said...

hi kak normah, berjalan-jalan daripada blog bapak gula.

nadiah norzemi said...


Anonymous said... also jog from blog bapak gula, as for the story, *sigh. macam2lah!

Anonymous said...

p/s: i must follow you. have good day cik Normah

Anonymous said...

all this pompuan pompuan yang tergedik nak kahwin ngan laki orang, you think dey kisah about the present "legally" married wife or kids? dey are all just chickens looking for a quick buck...and yang lagi meluat when the phrase "dah jodoh,jadi saya terima" .....CEH!

my mother, suffered in silence, because of pompuan pompuan tergedik-gedik kejar nak kahwin ngan laki orang ni.

i dont know who is more stupid...the girl yang bingai hancur rumahtangga orang OR the man yang BODOH or delusional to fall for some chicken who just want them for the money and hancurkan kebahagian rumahtangga sendiri termasuk la anak-anak.....oh wait a think these men give a f&^* about their kids? if they do, its all pretend...percayalah!

as said, when you take away all the millions, do you think these chickens will find the buncit or balding or greying or wrinkly butt farting old man or so NOT handsome man or hairy eyebrows and ears man attractive?

the sad part is, the married man is so quick to point out the present wife's flaw being the reason WHY his eyes and heart when astray. all i can say 99% of the reasons are all BS.

sorry people. But this topic is so sensitive to me. worst part is, i cant say all these to my bapak because i want my mom to be happy. And my mom wants harmony in the house when bapak balik rumah on her days.

Hazrey said...
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Hazrey said...

Girls and boys, Cinta's name is NOT normah lah. Korang ni memandai jek tukar nama member aku ni. lols.

Altho a man, I very much agree with Anonymous' comment. Quick buck. That is the answer. Nasib bapak aku tak kaya or some Datuk or Tan Sri.

Anyway, I better start trimming my hairy nose and ear.

Dottie with Dots said...

Hahaha... that's what I thought too. Why are they calling her kak normah? Sheesh!

sha89 said...

hmm...laki bila dh ade duit sikit...kaya sikit...mulalah~

n pompuan plak bila dh nmpk yg kaya, mmg main redah je...xkira laki orang ke...datuk orang ke...even moyang orang pun xpe~~


Cinta said...
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Cinta said...
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Cinta said...

thanx for dropping by and thanx for following. Cerita artis kelas ketiga ini sudah ditutup :)