Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Small Things

Over a new year’s breakfast of nasi lemak and roti bakar, he turned to me and said, “I don’t notice the small things.”

For reference purposes now and onwards, the friend shall be referred to as Master of the Universe, because…well, he’s all about being the one in charge. A very complex character he is, indeed.

He continues to add, “I don’t notice whether you’ve just had a haircut, or the smell of your perfume, or…well, you know, things like that. ”

I rolled my eyes at him. No surprise there.

Personally, I kind of like the small things. It warms the heart to discover if someone were to notice or remember the small things about me….  like how I very much prefer books over flowers, that my favourite scent on myself is vanilla and that I like the colour blue, that I prefer hot chocolate over coffee, and that my favourite song is Dia by Maliq and The Essentials.

It is the small things that sometimes makes us smile mid-stride, the cause of the unexpected chuckle, or maybe, that sudden burst of laughter that gets your colleague from the next cubicle wondering if you have just lost your marbles.

Like the time my friend from Jerantut sent a picture of a magazine article entitled 30 Teknik Bebas Stres Paling Efektif, in our BBM group, with the comment ‘No 1 yang paling utama ialah, CARI PASANGAN HIDUP, majalah iSihat, Sekian.’ I couldn’t help but burst out laughing because the issue of marriage and finding your partner has been a standing friendly banter between the three of us.

I like the smell of my man wearing my favourite perfume of his, or when I catch the same scent in the midst of nowhere and I like when someone uses a photo I took as their profile picture. I love late night drives with someone who knows me well enough, to share conversations about how the day has been and laugh over silly incidents. I like it when a man holds open the door for me, because a man holding open a door for a woman is so rare nowadays.

I like hearing my favourite song being played on the radio. Yes, I may own the CD but nothing beats the excitement and giddiness you feel when your song is playing over the airwaves. I like going to bed and knowing that I can sleep in the next day. I like discovering inscriptions written inside old books, it’s like discovering some part of history, a glance into another person’s thoughts and I love reading funny, thought provoking and quirky musings of other blog writers.

It may be the small thing that someone does, or the small things about that someone or the everyday things that I find to be heart warming. I am all about the small things and sometimes, when I read between the lines of your writings and musings, I notice the small things about you too *smile*.

p/s: Hoping that 2013 will be kinder to you and me. Have a great year ahead.


Sir Pök Déng said...

I am an expert at noticing small things. :)

Cinta said...

And what have you noticed Sir? ;)

Sir Pök Déng said...

I notice you're expecting a answer mentioning small things about you that can make you happier than this post.

pakmat said...

...I will open that door for you anytime, lady..and maybe covering that puddle for you to step on..but in this time of instant gratifications..?..romance, as you define it, is long exists only in the minds of old coots such as me...and I try to read inbetween your lines, too..:) so, happy new year, cinta...lets all have a great year 13..

Cinta said...

Pak Mat,

I think I might have been born in the wrong generation. If it exists only in the minds of much older and wiser men, then no wonder I am still single :)

Anonymous said...

hi Cinta, just to share my thoughts. it's the small thing that makes up someone personality and it's the unique personality people have that make them interesting.