Monday, February 8, 2010

We Match You Know

Some find the matter of match-making oh-so-sweet. Well, it would be sweet if it worked out in the end.If it doesn't work out, there is always the possibility of jumping off the highest cliff and never too resurface.  Me? I have never been a fan of matchmaking, I would rather sign up with a personal dating site rather than go through match making. Matchmaking involves a third party, somebody you know, somebody you like having in your life, until everything goes wrong during the event of the said match-making process.

I have had met various types of people in this match-making industry. Yes, I think it is an industry with the amount of time, energy and resources it involves, especially all the aunties and the makciks that has been the biggest contributer. I have had a guy who wanted to ask for RM20K from me as a loan to start up his business and I have been introduced to a duda only to have found out he actually has three wives.

I have been on both ends of a match making attempt gone wrong. I have been one to reject as well as one to get rejected by.  It's awkward, it's embarassing and it puts frendships and relationships at risk. And by risk I mean between the matchmaker and the match-makee (don't quote me, I just came up with that word). I'm positively certain that we have all, at one point or another, been turned into an experiment of this match-making business.

I have recently been the subject or maybe object of another match making attempt by a friend. Her intentions are good, noble even, you know what they say, kalau jadi dapat pahala mendirikan masjid. Well, to cut a long story short, it didn't  happen. Matches were not made...or lit. Matches were soaked with water, a big tub of water. A big, cold tub of water. There was no way that the match could be lit.

I only have one question. Why in the world would you want to introduce me to him when you are well aware of the fact that he is crazy in love with you, and by you, I mean the match-maker. This most recent attempt definately takes the cake.  I have had the guy avoid me on YM, avoid me at the local mamak when he knew that I was there with our friends and avoids me like the plague. I had to actually sit him down and explain that no, I am not interested in  you either, that no, you don't take my breath away, no you don't make my heart go into cardiac arrest  and no, you are not the object of my deepest desires.

There are two ways of how I can  see the situation. One, I could laugh it off, move on and maybe have a story to tell to my grandkids when I get old or two, I could kill myself out of embarassment or if you think that is too gory, I could just wish that the earth would swallow me up whole and I would dissapear and never to be heard off ever again. Well, I vote for the former.

I did what I had to do, I became the better person (ahaaaa), laid down all the cards, talked it over and moved on. No, I am not interested in you either so you can stop hiding from me. My life was fine even before you came along.

No more match-making attempts please. I would like to go on living each and every day with a bit of dignity intact :)


The Tea Drinker said...

we should get u one of those underwater magenesium thingamajiggers matches. it'll light up no matter how wet things look.

then u'll go supernova on ur next post.

Cinta said...

Tea Drinker,
I take it u have never been match made before? ;-)

The Tea Drinker said...


luckily it was in the old college days where it's rather legal to do stupid stuffs.

Dottie with Dots said...

its one of those things that would put a smile on our face when we recall it one day...

embrace the moment. its better to be a has been than a never was

Anonymous said...

20 k rite?

Cinta said...

I'm predicting a future where I'll be smiling out of the blue when recalling this incident and people around me would think I'm crazy.

Seribu ringgit pun susah nak jumpa dalam akaun i ok ;p