Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Proposal

This is the part where I’m supposed to be sitting hidden behind a door, eavesdropping and giggling and thinking “finally, a marriage proposal”.

I would be making my first appearance to the soon-to-be in laws with a tray in my hand, laden with a pot of tea and a plate of kuih. I would then shyly and demurely cast my eyes downwards, dutifully and oh so gracefully serve everyone the tea, while they in turn would gawk at me and I would finally in a voice that is slighter louder than a whisper, invite them to drink, “jemput minum,” while slowly backing away, heading back to the kitchen, to continue to eaves drop and giggle a bit more.

That was how it was supposed to be or at the very least that is how I picture it in my mind.

Bordering on hilarity and maybe insanity, depends on which side you look at it, the situation which presented itself upon my family and I took me by surprise...and can I say that it completely knocked my socks off!

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I remember laughing, loud breathless shrieks of laughter. Maybe I was able to laugh about it because I have never met the guy who was seeking my hand in marriage. A friend of a family friend I think. Must be the work of my aunt. I know, so like the slot Cerekarama TV3 every Saturday.

“tu la, anak saya ni memang nak kawin. Biarla nanti ada orang jaga makan pakai dia ni. Gosok baju, basuh baju. Ye la, terjaga la sikit dia ni. Ni sekarang makan minum pun tak tentu arah. Nanti bila dah kawin, sedap sikit hati saya ni tahu ada orang masak untuk dia, berkemas semua untuk dia ni ha,” says the mother of the supposed-future-husband-of-mine.

And to which my mother, very nonchalantly replied “saya faham maksud akak. Tapi saya nak mintak maaf la bebanyak. Anak akak ni sebenarnya perlukan pembantu rumah, bukannya isteri. Seorang isteri sepatutnya berkongsi hidup, macam kata omputeh tu, don’t walk behind me but walk beside me. Saya tak nak anak saya jadi pembantu rumah. Ish, dia ni masak pun tak pandai, lagi nak ngemas rumah. Eh, jemput minum kak, sila la rasa kuih raya apa yang ada tu ya

My mom rocks but I think this is one of those moments when the advice "choose your words wisely" should have been taken into account. The things we say, although we don't mean it, could have a different affect and effect for the other person.

 And for the record, I am very much capable of cooking and cleaning and I can be very domestic shall the need arise.

Just so you know.


Sir Pok Deng said...

Priceless! :D

Cinta said...

Pok Deng,
For everything else, there's always MasterCard ;)

Sir Pok Deng said...

It must be a two-way interaction I think. Wife gives what a husband wants and husband gives what Wife wants. Toleration too. Pillow talks. Hug and kisses in the morning. Appreciation. Coffee served to husband when he gets bored watching TV. Kiss wife when she's fixing tea or when she's preparing breakfast to thank her for the thing she's doing then that a man like him knows nothing about things kitchen even how to boil an egg. Sharing the same interests, like, petting a cat and watch Chronicles of Narnia. Faith. Loyalty. Empathy. And the list goes on. I really want to be a romantic husband that my future wife will appreciate who I am. And I hope my dreams will come true. Oh one more thing. Kiss and say goodnight and cuddle together before going to sleep.

Shark said...

Your mother rocks.

dawn said...

Oh my God! U didn't tell me abt this. Am by the way laughing hard with tears in my eyes! Your mom definately rawks!

Miss D700 said...

Sir Pok Deng... your are so cool...

Sir Pok Deng said...

Miss D700,

Clean your lens, please.