Monday, November 15, 2010

Hit Search


I have to admit that I cannot image life without the Internet.

There are advantages to it, like googling the name of a potential boyfriend material to find out whether he really is still single as what he claims to be or searching for digitized scraps of information about that ex from long ago-I’m not really sure how googling about an ex would be an advantage though. To any ex of mine who might actually stumble upon this posting, no, I did not just google you.

The downside to all that available information? Knowing what you shouldn’t have known about in the first place.

Like, I know this is going to sad a tad bit pathetic – finding out from Facebook how extremely pretty The Syed’s wife is, how happy he looked sitting next to her on the dais or the fact that The Syed got engaged in December 2008 while he was still very much seeing me everyday and running up his phone bill every night whispering sweet nothings to me.

Now that I know, I honestly wished that I didn’t. What I don’t know wouldn’t hurt me…

No, I did not just cyber stalked him recently. I cyber stalked the moment I received his wedding invitation which was many months ago, not the same thing right? No?

Lesson to be learned? To leave things as it is. Life was a little less complicated without the easy accessibility of Google’s search button.


pakmat said...

..salam cinta..what you do not know does't hurt..but some men, generally, had always been two timing, scheming predators that they are..

Dots said...

This was exactly what I did. Somehow I had an urge to type out his name and - pop! goes the weasel. Its not that the jari is so gatal or anything, I still use his name as my password to every single thing. I been 'typing' out his name so often that its just in me. So very true Luv, what you dont know wont harm you. I really wish i didnt.

teaD said...

and this puts another perspective into "it's complicated"

Cinta said...

It always is.

I think you may have to change your password now come February 2011. Congratulations!

So how shall i guard this heart of mine?