Thursday, November 25, 2010

Me estoy volviendo loco!

I have a situation at the office – a situation which is causing me unnecessary stress. It has also led me to become this crazy, deranged woman who at any moment now, could cause unnecessary harm to those crossing my path.

While my colleagues would be busy typing away (I think most of them are busy typing away on Facebook), I would be insanely obsessed with slamming my hand on the table, either that, or I would be busy spraying disinfectant at all four corners of my cubicle.

I have creepy crawlies; in fact this whole building has been taken over by them – cockroaches.

Embarrassing as this sounds, this 38 storey building situated in the heart of KL, where there is an embassy somewhere between the 25th – 30th floors, boasts of having a world-class convention centre, is infested with cockroaches.

These little crawlies have made a home in my keyboard, and I have on one occasion, threw out a keyboard, after a frustrating and gruelling three- hour of wrestling, spraying Ridsect and banging the keyboard against the table hoping that they would come out.

Sometimes, they would creep out from out of nowhere, scurrying  frantically across my table, in their haste to get into my keyboard, but if I’m fast enough, I would just slam my hand against them, squashing and flattening them, marking the end of their life. Yes, I’ve come to that point where I just squish them with bare hands, and would later use up a whole bottle of sanitizer.

But my workstation is not the only place these creepy crawlies would make an appearance. I’ve seen the lot of ‘em at the cafeteria on the 17 and 32nd floor, saw them at the cafe on level 4, they were also there in the main meeting room. Basically, they’re just everywhere. I don’t dare drink the water from our water dispenser fearing they’ve taken up residence underneath it as well.

I’m a clean person. I honestly am. I make it a point not to eat at the table. I clean up everyday before clocking out. But why oh why do they keep crawling out??? I’m going crazy! Loco!


DrSam said...

for some unknown reasons I think those metropolitan creepy crawlies start to feel the stress just like the other city inhabitants do. Perhaps they are trying to detox themselves and our comfort zones are the only divine sanctuaries they can think of :)

teaD said...

kinda reminds me of Joe's Apartment.

maybe u can get some tips watching that movie.

Me said...

had my fair share of freaking cockroaches. can finish one insect repellant spray just to make sure its dead. call me!!!

Cinta said...


yes it must!

That dude is gross

I see your point ;)