Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Current Thoughts

1.  When will I ever be able to finish the stack of books that I keep on buying but never have the time to read?

2. I need to go to Tesco and buy a paper shredder.

3. When will he reply his email.

4. Why don't I like Pavillion and keep going to KLCC although the former offers better choices.

5. I don't want to get my colleague's flu.

6. Can I finish the assignment for my translation class on time? Still in post-raya mode.

7. Should I try out that online dating website which Shanty (a colleague) has been pressing me to do?


Maria Polcarova said...

I've a ridiculously big pile of books at home. I know the sensible thing to do would be to stick them on Amazon Marketplace, but I keep telling myself that I'll find time soon to start getting through them.

Syarlilady said...

I wish I had found your blog much earlier. It's refreshing to find another single working girl's blog in Malaysia with so many mummy blogs around. Those are cool too but there are things that are better shared among singletons.

Funny coz I have books which I keep telling myself I'd read when the time comes (hmm....never). Yes, I got curious with matchmaking websites myself....haha. They're just not for me.

Cinta said...

I'll tell you a story about one of those matchmaking websites one of these days. Hillarious...and thanks for dropping by ;-)

Ahmad Tongkeng said...

1. I stopped buying books. And I just started reading again.
2. You need only minyak tanah
3. Has he actually read the email?
4. KLCC has tall twin towers. Pavillion spells BBGS death all over it. Go KLCC.
5. This doesn't concern me. In fact, none of all this does.
6. My guess is you've already past due if you're still not done with that assignment haha
7. Malaysia go online dating website? Lemme see!

Cinta said...

I just noticed this post.

True, BBGS was never the same. You remind me of my sister and grandmother. They both like fried 'sipong' or tongkeng ayam.