Thursday, March 20, 2014

100 Days of Happiness # Day 1

I was tired of feeling sorry for myself over the whole break-up phase that I was going through. Yes so he broke my heart. But like a dear friend will always say ' nobody dies of a broken heart'. I'm still breathing.

I've passed the bawling my eyes out phase, the missing-you-wish-you-were-here phase, the anger phase and finally the phase where I am just exhausted of being sad.

So I'm embarking on a 100 Days of Happiness project.  To remind myself to be thankful for the many other wonderful things that life is sending my way.

Happiness is a choice. I need to remember that.

Day #1

A short work trip to Kuching. As the plane flew me home, I was happy and contented to be up in the clouds. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi cinta, im just passing thru but i felt i shd matter how much in a dump you felt..time heal and it will pass.