Thursday, February 27, 2014

Write My Story

“I believe in writing your own story.” ― Charlotte Eriksson

People write for a number of reasons.

We write to share our happy moments, to laugh at the eccentricities of life and let go of the pain inside.

Sometimes we write for ourselves, putting our thoughts into words and sometimes we write for others, hoping that they would read between the lines.

Today, I write because I need to find myself again, to rekindle that passion and I write because I want to remind myself that its's always darkest before the dawn.

I refuse to end this chapter on a negative note. Allow me to chase that morning ray. To see beyond the darkness. I want to write of happy endings because I used to believe in happy endings.

Would you be willing to read what I have to write?

Excuse me while I go chase that morning ray or that mythical end of the rainbow with the pot of gold.

Wait for my I will be reading yours.

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