Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drumming My Fingers

There are a few things on my mind right now.

Of moles and the United Nations. Actually, no mole (s), just a mole.

But they don’t go together do they?  The mole and the United Nations.

Been thinking about the moles and the United Nations since yesterday when I was in a meeting in Bukit Kiara, and this evening, when I was staring hard at the rows of cheese in ColdStorage. It crossed my mind again, while I was walking around Ikea, seeing nothing and buying nothing.

Oh! But wait a sec, I did buy something, the hotdog and soft drink combo. I had 3 refills. A thirsty horse I am.

The words seemed to flow much easier when I was blogging in my mind.

Here I sit staring. Wordless.

Give me a few hours. Remind me, of moles and United Nations. And the Tourism Board of Malaysia too. Oh, and the Securities Commission as well.

Just a few hours. Wake me up before you go-go


Hazrey said...

Still sleeping?

Tranquility said...

Right. Am I missing something here?
Moles. Moles and united nations.