Friday, August 14, 2009

I think you’re sexy…

No..tweeting is not for me. I’m not the creative one liner type. I seriously wish I am one though. I need lots and lots of lines to get my creative juices flowing. In other words, my life is not all that glamorous or exciting for me to twitter about.

Twitter; Cinta is thinking of walking to the nearest 7-Eleven and buying off their whole supply of Snickers cause it’s that time of the month, or;

Twitter; I’m getting into my car now and driving home to feed my cats.

No, that just wouldn’t do. I would hate to be the cause of death to those who actually follow me. Cause of death;extreme boredom tahap gaban. I think I’ll stick to blogging. Safer this way.

During my first year as an undergrad, I had to study Linguistics taught by a certain Dr. Wong. Very good lecturer.Petite with a soft voice. I still have nightmares about having to memorize this particular table which I can’t recall what it was all about. I hated it. I failed the paper. I had to sit for the paper again in my final year. The embarassment of having to be in class with the 1st year juniors. Sangat tak cool. I passed. Nyawa nyawa ikan. Cukup syarat untuk bergraduat sahaja.

Me, I’m the sociolinguistics gal. I adore my eccentric and quirky professor. She would come into class wearing one of those scarves with her jambul remos hanging out from her forehead. Her skirt would end a few inches above her ankle. Sama kes macam Dato Siti Nurhaliza, serupa tak payah pakai tudung. But I love her (my Prof of course), I have an A+ to prove that. The study of language in its social, cultural context is fascinating. A word might bring a totally different meaning or context to the opposite sex.


In general, guys would be thinking fighter jets, complicated war strategies and honour.

Me? I’m thinking sexy men in their uniform.

I was at a Petronas service station earlier, idling away in the car, waiting for a colleague. I looked around, cuci mata. It was exactly the end of the Friday prayers.

There it was. The words RMAF. An RMAF truck parked a few cars away.

I didn’t see who was inside. I didn’t really care. Because you see, no matter how “pecah rumah” the men inside might look like, I would still think of them as these sexy creatures that roam the earth in their sexy uniform with the sexy pilot’s helmet and their sexy Ray-Ban...


Just because the truck had the words RMAF stamped to its side. Grrrrr…..Gigit boleh?

I think I’ll go drive around the entrance to the RMAF base now. Perhaps catch me a pilot or two. Have a good weekend.


Sir Pök Déng said...

Now I'm gonna get myself a mechanic suit and nice Ray-Ban shade. I'll walk on the hot tarmac with a helmet in hand.

Now, do I look like a fighter jet pilot? Am I sexy, miss Cinta?

Tranquility said...

Lemme guess 1980's.
Top gun.
Tom cruise.
Ray ban
Beach volley ball. Shall i say more?

suhaila said...

i still cant recall...dr wong....which one ek?
sociolinguistic? who was her ek?
hahaha..seems like i have lost my memories la...
old? senile? hmmmm.....

Cinta said...

Pok Deng Sir,
U had me at mechanic suit ;)

U just lost me at Tom Cruise, contrary to popular beliefs, Tom Cruise is never in my HOT book

Dr Wong Bee Eng. Her class was next to BKP. lupa la pulak nama dewan kuliah tu. Belakang UPM restaurant

Dottie with Dots said...

mechanic suit. that reminds me of westlife's vid clip 'up town girl'. if there is such cute mechanic i dont mind going to the workshop everyday.

men in uniform is utterly sexy. hear hear!

Hazrey said...

Nak kena bukak workshop lah camni. Ermm..