Sunday, February 14, 2016

To Have But Not To Hold

People say when you want to begin writing, it's always best to start with something that you are familiar with, something close to your heart. 

Throughout my life, I've been blessed. Blessed to have learned courage, loyalty and perseverance from the small group of friends that I have around me. 

Let's start with someone I knew way back from 1998. When Maggi was our staple diet, and hanging out at the veranda at the back of our dorm room was our favourite past time. 

She shall be referred to as Ms. JB, as in the city Johor Bahru, because she hails from Johor Bahru and  a big fan of the JDT football team and because I am not that creative enough to come up with any other name.  

I admire her love for her Mr. K and wish that I am as strong as her. 

She loves deeply, and is loyal to Mr. K even after so many years together and being so far apart from each other.

From her, I am beginning to understand that love does not mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes. I think that is true love. 

I envy that. 

The commitment to make the relationship work despite being in two different cities; to trust, and to make each other feel important without having the advantage of seeing each other often, to make each other laugh and to share the details of each other's daily life is not something that can be achieved easily. 

But then again, distance doesn't matter, when they are loyal to each other. 

I'm a bit rusty in the writing. It'll get better, I hope it does...


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