Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fast & and the not so Furious

Another name to scratch off the list which isn't that long to begin with..

Everything was going great. Been seeing a lot of the Pak Arab Celup in the past few weeks. Dinner dates, movie dates, weekend breakfast dates and even a road trip down south for a friend's wedding, and he was even relaxed enough to meet a few of my closest ladies. He's been getting rave reviews from them as well..everything was going well. Great in fact.

Until a couple of nights ago.

It started out really nice and cosy. He text'd and asked whether I was up for dinner, picked me up at home, it was raining as we were driving along. Had dinner, talked, joked around went to see a movie and then it happened.

On the drive back to send me home, right after the Bukit Lanjan Tol plaza. The Pak Arab Celup was driving really fast. Extremely fast. I had to close my eyes!

The only thing that was missing was maybe my heavy make up and the skimpy short skirt and top and it would have been like a scene out of Fast and Furious. I was too numb to say anything. It was like I had a brain freeze and the words just couldn't come out. I believe I was screaming my tonsils out inside of me.

Maybe I'm blowing the whole thing out of proportion but after my horrifying experience with the accident n Ulu Yam, I wasn't prepared. He knew what I went through, why la Pak Arab Celup?? You scared the creepers out of me.


Hazira said...

do i know this pak arab celup? my bf wannabe erk?

Cinta said...

wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe

FH in space said...

Ahhh no wonder u were MIA... heheheheh.

Hazrey said...

Dun worry, you have me. I ride a bicycle. But get ready, i cycled turun bukit tauuuuu.. Kaki naik atas.. mini rempit. :)

Cinta said...

went MIA cause my knees were buckling :)

basikal cap apa tu? BMX? or raleigh?

Hazrey said...

BMX ahh.. real sikit. Can sit behind the handle. Raleigh tak sampai ahh.. ol skool sangat.. kena pakai checkered pants. Susah nak carik. Kasut putih.. jambul meleleh.. damn.. leceh leceh

Sir Pök Déng said...

Did he play any hip hop song then?

suhaila said...

alhamdulillah...u r still here...hehehe..
didnt u tell him that speed can kill? ggee yg mane...? i think i know all her bf...hehehe...

Hazira said...

this bf is very special la suhaila!!
rite cinta??
now,, he had become her bf... no longer mine

Cinta said...

Cik suhaila and Pn Hazira,
He is NOT my boyfriend ;p