Monday, July 13, 2009

Hold Please

Insane is being put on hold for 13 minutes.

Rude is when asked as to why I was being put on hold for 13 minutes, the answer that came was "apa masalah cik?"I asked very nicely because I believe that I am a nice person, and I'm very rational at all times. My masalah cik telefonis yang berkhemah is that I am extremely curiousas to what was going on at your end that it had to take 13 minutes for you to take my call.

No customary greetings of good morning or selamat pagi.

I don't demand on seeing the manager at restaurants when my meal is not cooked to perfection, or when a waiter/waitress spills drinks on my handbag, which really happened in Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Taman Melati. I let it go when cashiers return my change a ringgit short. No, I try to be understanding enough. I try not to sweat the small stuff. I try.

I asked for her name. "Dengan siapa ya saya bercakap ni?" and then I heard a ringing tone. I was passed on to another person in another department. Just like that.

The only words that are racing through my head right now are profanities in which if I were to type them out, my blog would need a censor badge warning underage kids to stay away.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), consider putting your phone operators or customer service executives or whatever it is that you call them these days under training. I could personally recommend a few good trainers.

I need my iPod. Scroll to Indie Arie.


Sir Pök Déng said...

You're not mad. You're not mad at all. You're smiling. Ear to ear.


Cinta said...

Pok Deng,
No sir, I am not. I am smiling. Ear to ear. Just like the Cheshire cat.

Hazrey said...

Hahahah Tenaga Nasional Berhad? They need more power for their staff. Seyes. Yup.

Cinta said...

eee takleh la! everytime im reminded of that cik telefonis, rasa mcm nak migrain.

Hazrey said...

Lets send a petition to cut the power to all TNB offices. Hows that for a change?

Dottie with Dots said...

You write good. You write good. You definitely will be on my read list!

suhaila said... also happened 2 1 of my fren here...i guess they r trained 2b like that..hehehe

Cinta said...

I second the motion.

Thank you, thank you and thank you. U arent so bad urself :)

there is never any excuse for poor customer service. kalau tak, tutup je company. meh biar aku yang supply letrik kat masia ni. how bout that?

afah said...

..a test to your patience, lady..a rare virtue these days of fast food and instant gratifications..spare a thot to the poor operator..could very well be an oku..large corporations like TNB are known to employ them..maybe all lines are engaged and she had the callwaiting on..and did not notice the blinking led..or auto transfer on..and yr call was transferred to an empty room..but 13 minutes is inexcusable in any situations..far cry from the directive by KSN..answer by the 3rd ring..perhaps y should drop them a note..

Cinta said...

Hence the asking very nicely part. I just needed to hear a rational as to why it took them 13 minutes. I wouldve settled for any excuse. I needed a reason. 13 minutes is a very long time.

And the part that irked me was that she had the gall to say and ask arrogantly "apa masalah cik".

No matter what or who u are, OKU or not. Rudeness is simply not tolerated

suhaila said...

i couldn't agree with u more cinta...rudeness is totally not tolerated...