Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Wedded Bliss and Happily Ever After's

School Holiday is here.Hotel rates will be higher than the usual.Come to think of it, it's a bit unfair to those in the teaching profession. Teachers can't take leave whenever they feel like it and yet during that school holiday period, they need to pay more just because its a peak season.I think I want to propose for teachers to get a special rate or discounts during the school holidays.

I can already hear the distant beatings of the Kompangs and the smell of Nasi Minyak.Wedding planners all over must be frenzied running around and bumping into photographers, make-up artists and caterers.Street junctions would be crowded with wooden signs that might look something like this...

relatives from near and far would congregate and for those singletons, yours truly included, the predictable question of "when will it be your turn?" coming from aunts and elderly relatives. That default question would be so more pleasant to hear if it were accompanied by generous offers of funding the wedding. If that were the case, I would make a mad dash to find me a life partner. Seriously maksu, you will be the first person to know when the time comes. I will not deny you the right of official news bearer for our relatives in Singapore.

The next few lines is actually taken from my old blog.

I was at an old classmate's wedding today. The bride looked gorgeous smiling because today is her big day. The groom looked proud of having the bride walk by his side. Their expressions full of new promises and positive hopes for the future to come.

I'm getting to my point...patience dear friends, I'm trying to reflect here...

Here the year go by, life gradually changes but never forget to always remember to walk side by side as if it was your wedding day. Be proud of who and what your partner is. Truth is, your opinion is all that matters to her/him

No matter how hard life would get.. look for the positive things in life. Draw strength from each other and together... you could overcome anything.
Nobody was made perfect.. (ye ke?) but at that particular moment in time, nobody could have been close to perfection as your partner... relive that moment often.. learn to love our imperfections, learn to love each other in spite of the imperfections..

But then again, these are my reflections. I might change my mind once I'm married.

Selamat Pengantin Baru dear friends.


DrSam said...

salam singgah,
Being wondering on the subject - come holiday, everything goes up. Teachers will be most effected by this 'unfairness' as those are the time when they can spend their holiday with their families.

Probably, a new system should be put on place. A huge discount for teaching personnel during holidays for everything! In away, it shows public gratitude toward the profession as well.

Have a good holiday.

Cinta said...

Dr Sam,
thanx for dropping by. It is a tad bit unfair isnt it? Let's make some noise in the local papers shall we? :)

tchersally said...