Monday, May 25, 2009

Tonight of All Nights.

These past few weeks, I've never actually bothered with my Facebook account. Not like I used to anyway.Back then, I could sit for hours at a time and just stare at the monitor till I'm blue in the face. Poking here and there, uploading a picture of the traffic to which I was stuck in, and leaving cyber prints all over my friend's profiles. Where did I manage to find all the time?

But I do need to check it everyday. A Uni friend who now is a permanent resident in Dubai is planning her wedding reception is Seri Melayu this coming June and I promised to keep her updated with things from this end. Now that I think about it, I don't know why we're exchanging emails via Facebook and not our personal email accounts, oh well... Whichever works.

But tonight, of all the nights, I can't log in due to site maintenance and tonight, of all nights, I feel this sudden desperate need to log in regardless. I've been punching in my username and password every 10 minutes. Seriously, I know that there would not be anything remotely interesting as the books waiting on my nightstand other than maybe a friend poking me or that friend has just taken a quiz and found out that he's only been using 25% of his brain. Tonight, of all nights, I just have to log in. This need is becoming so desperate.

Maybe, it's the universe telling me in a way that this is who I am. Somebody who doesn't want something which is already there and becomes desperate when it isn't and I better do something to change that, because if I don't, I could be spending my whole life sitting in front of the PC and still trying to access my Facebook account. Definately not a story to which fairytales are made of.
Why am I even blogging about this I don't know. I would say that it has something to do with butterflies. I need to remind myself to write about butterflies next. They're so so beautiful.

By the by, I do hope that your Monday came without the blues.

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