Thursday, May 7, 2009

Of Ex'es...

I loved him once. A very long time ago. Life was beautiful before it got ugly. He was a part of me...and then he wasn't.

He will soon be a husband. To a girl who worships the ground he walks on and adores him.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

Before any of you get this twisted idea that I'm still in love with..stop right there. ;) I can assure you that I'm not. But we did share a few good laughs, while it lasted.

I've stuffed his ear with cotton bud once, and it wouldnt come out and we had to rush to the clinic to get it out.

We were studying, him in Uitm and me in UPM. Money was scarce, we shared nasi bungkus together, eating at the lake near PKNS. I think both of us were still hungry, but kesian at the other...takut duit tak cukup hehehe

He taught me to swim, but not how to float. Cause he doesnt know how to either!

I trained him to read Judith McNaught novels and become all mushy mushy inside. He borrowed mine and never returned them.

He loves chicken curry, and I learned how to cook it.

We shared some pretty good moments I must say...

When I was way younger and naive, when we just broke up. I was in a race against him to see who had the better partner. Whose life was better. It was all about who is better off without each other. I think I was trying to prove that life without me is a big mistake. I was stupid ok, give me allowances for that ;)

I'm wiser now. Or I'd at least like to believe that I am. I'd better be, or all that running around, heart broken and calling it life's experience would be wasted. :)

It doesnt matter who ends up with the better partner or the better life. You're happy that she makes you happy, and life is more meaningful with her around, then you are blessed and I am envious. A good envy mind you. I am envious that you have found that rare someone who you want to spend your future with. Someone who accepts you for what and who you are. That is a rare gift.

I still haven't found that person yet. But I know I will. Pray that I will.

I wish you all the best things that life has to offer. I wish you'd stop hating me...I can be a really good friend ;)


tchersally said...

luv the way u write..enjoyed reading ur N3..and yes..its a good thing to carry on in life..making changes..adapting to new situation..and hoping that u too will find the right person to be with..dont stop believing in luv! *wink

Cinta said...


I am such a love-a-holic lah, its like choc to me. very addictive but I have learned to read the fine print on the labels ;) thanx for the vote of confidence!

Anonymous said...

You will someday.. insya allah.. u may not believe it, but i do pray for your happiness.. that someday you'll meet your prince charming. i dont hold grudges against u.. let's start by saying hello whenever we bump into each other ya? Take care Warda..