Friday, May 15, 2009

Single or Double?

How do you spell Phillippine?

with a single 'L' and a single 'P'? or

with a double 'L' and a double 'P or

with a double 'L' and a single 'P'??

Does it even have an 'S' at the end of it??

What say you?


tchersally said...

My God..u are asking me this?? u gotta be joking..cuz I..up till now still having problem with TOMMOROW or TOMORROW..akekeke..its a disease i reckon..haha

ermm..u r a teacher rite?..Happy Teachers' Day..Cinta cikgu ke..ntah mana Sally agak ntah..

KaMaLoKoTravels said...

its double P, ehe. Philippines means land of Philip, the spanish king during the rule in philippines, hence Philip-pines :)

Cinta said...

Cinta adalah seorang pencinta..sangat geli la pulak :)

Thank u Kamal! with that story now its easier for me to remember! ehe