Sunday, May 10, 2009

KL & it's Men

I love the city. I love that you can get a glass of teh tarik or in my case, a glass of air limau suam and a plate of roti kosong at 3am. I love that the city houses Kinokuniya, Borders and a huge MPH.

I love the city after the rain has washed away all the debris and you will get this amazing, clear view of the city skyline. I love having breakfast over the weekend with my girlfriends at Ms Read @ Dua Residence over at Jalan Tun Razak.

I love driving and being in KL at 9am on a weekend. It's so quiet. I love dancing the night away in Hard Rock Cafe, listening to the house band. I love the sights,the night lights, the sounds and the smell of kl's street food. I love walking along Jalan Bukit Bintang. I love sitting in Dome KLCC on a weekday evening and just people watch. I heart Kl. Kl is an amazing city to be in.

However, for a city that offers so much, it is lacking in men.

Kl has this serious shortage of available men. Available and normal men. Or if there are an abundance of em somewhere, I must be looking at the wrong places or they are just tucked away, hidden from me because I keep ending up with....with....

Exhibit A
Ms G and Mr K introduced us. Let's call him Mr A. He was reportedly and supposedly a good friend of the family of Ms G and Mr K. Meet him in Ampang. I had to pay for his dinner, and as we were walking towards the parking lot, he asked to borrow 2ok from me! Do I have like CIMB/Maybank bergerak stamped on my forehead?

Exhibit B
Mr R..I can't remember where I met him but he's the invisible man. He would suddenly disappear for months at a time, and suddenly appear out of nowhere. He would beg me to give him a second chance, pleading to meet.He would come up with these outrageous excuses ranging from 'I'm a workaholic, I've been trying to buy a franchise, I've been out of the country yadda yadda yadda.

Mr R, let me introduce you to the Cellphone. It's a very useful device. It can help you send text messages no matter where you are in the world to the people back home. If that doesn't work or maybe for some pathetic reason, your cell does not support roaming, let me introduce you to the desktop/laptop. Log on to the world wide web and voila! You can actually send emails letting people know where you are. It is the new millenium you know. Even the tea lady where I work is more wired than you are.

His most interesting line so far "Can we just meet for dinner, and I want you to see that I'm worth it" Emmm....I don't think so!

How many frogs do I have to kiss before I meet my prince charming?

I love Kl, but seriously, the men here need a major make over. Don't replenish the stock, look at new products instead. :))

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nabilahidayah said...

suker duduk kt KUALA KUBU BHARU.. hee~
tenang dn mendamaikn..

read my new post! hehe!