Monday, May 18, 2009

That Easy Sunday

I had a good weekend, although I had to work on Saturday, but I still had a good weekend.

That Saturday evening, I was in the mood to cook and entertain. I wanted to be around people I am comfortable with, people who know me and my eccentricities, my weaknesses and yet accepts me as I am. I wanted to be around people who would listen and yet not be pushy, people I could trust with my deepest, darkest secrets.

I rushed to Max Value, at the same time thinking of what to make. I wanted to make the stuffed roast chicken with the recipe that I got from a friend. I wanted to make a Mediterranean salad. I wanted to make Crème Brulee for dessert but I only had about an hour. I still had to prepare the guest bedroom and straighten out the living room. The ambitious menu would just have to wait. Perhaps another time, another evening. I decided to make something simple and quick. Pasta sautéed with garlic, and to add color, l threw in broccoli, a handful of green, yellow and red capsicum, diced. I cheated a bit, I sprinkled a bit of chicken cube for flavor and a sprinkle of oregano leaves for the chicken. Dessert would be a banana split. Bananas, vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with Hershey's chocolate syrup sprinkled with a rainbow of chocolate rice and chopped walnuts. I hope that would be good enough.

The girls arrived right after maghrib. The evening would be a good one, I remember thinking that, and it was.

It was a cosy evening. It was just me and the girls, sharing food and exchanging stories. Laughing over a joke, an anecdote and laughing at ourselves. I needed that.

Breakfast the next day was at a neighboring curry house. I had my Puri. I haven't had Puri in a long time. I love Puri. Puri is good. I also love the potatoes that come as a side dish. Sunday is going to be a good day. I had a good feeling.

The ladies and I decided to spend the remaining Sunday morning at Amcorp Mall browsing through antiques and second hand stuff. What do you call those piring hitam's? I was in heaven. I loved all the retro and rnb songs on those piring hitam. Wished they had them on CD's. We said our goodbye's and 'I'll be seeing you' a few hours later. I

It was my alone time at home. Did my laundry, ironed out a week's worth of work clothes.

I charged my Ipod, after a month of neglect. I need my music. My Spinners, my Natalie Cole, Maliq & the Essentials, my Eric Bennet. I've missed them. Can't wait to listen to the playlist which I've categorized as "The Jiwangness in Me". I'm in that mood right now.

If I had somebody to call my other half, I would've ended the perfect Sunday with an evening at the park with him, flying kites and watching the kids laughing and running. Being carefree and enjoying life. If I knew back then that life would have its up and downs when I grew up, I would've taken my time to grow up. Reminded me of the Toys R Us jingle. I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid.

Have a great week ahead ok.


CIKNDE said...

hey!..kenapa xckp awl2 mau masak aym apetu..? kalau tau kitorg confrm awl2 dtg

Cinta said...

Next time, dont u worry :)