Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tuesday Morning

I'm sitting here, at a table in the KL Library, with a view of the city. I look out the glass window and see KLCC, the KL Tower and a gorgeous view of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Dataran Merdeka. The flags enclosing the Dataran are flapping gently against the morning breeze. I was staring out at the ongoing traffic and reminiscing of yesteryears when I was 16. The morning of the nation's 38th Independence celebration, I was part of the formation of our Jalur Gemilang. Time flew by so fast, the building that I am in right now have yet to exist back then.

I notice a yellow school bus parked by the roadside next to the Dataran. I scanned the Dataran, searching for something. There they are. I saw a group of primary school boys, judging from the dark blue color pants that they're wearing, huddled together for a group photo with the Sultan Abdul Samad building in the background and the two towers in the distance. A picture with KL's past and it's future. You can never get that elsewhere. Of its past and present co-existing, blending. I can't see their expression from where I am, but I sense a feeling elation from their skips and exuberant runs around the Dataran.I chuckled and wished I was there amongst them. Laughing and running and being carefree. I silently greeted them with a "welcome to KL boys."

This is my city, where I was born and raised. My heart swelled with pride. I wish them a wonderful time in this city of mine. The sights, the sounds and the people here each have a story to tell. Maybe of laughter and happy moments, and perhaps of tears and hardships. Did they know that the city was burnt down once in 1881? From attap houses to brick and tile, the city fought and struggled to live on, to be the centre of the nation. For 44 months, from January 11 1942, Kuala Lumpur was occupied by the Japanese forces. The city holds many history. The city has also witnessed many dreams and many hopes. This city has many stories to tell. Only if you are interested enough to know. The city is what you make of it.

I just sat there, on the chair in the library, with a view of the city and watching. Watching the people down there on the Dataran, watching the traffic go by and wondering where they're going. Watching the tall buildings and wondering about the people in them. I'm sitting here, taking a breather from work, from the outside world, if just for a moment.

The boys are boarding their bus now. Perhaps to KLCC next. Or maybe the twin towers. The pride of the nation. How far she's grown. Another bus just pulled in. A white and green tourist bus. I see a group of adults this time. Cameras poised and ready. I wish I could say to them, take a picture, know the story...love the city.

I have a feeling that perhaps one or two of those boys will come back in a few years time, to be a part of this city. Until that time comes, the city will continue to thrive and until day comes, the heart of the city will continue to beat and be home to me.

Back to work now.

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