Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speechless in KL

I ran into an old classmate today. We haven't spoken in over a decade. Frankly, I was astounded as to why she actually made the effort to come over and say hi when all this while; she has been avoiding me like the plague. Maybe her curiosity took the better of her; I was sitting with a guy having coffee. Good gossip material I guess.

Kisses on the cheek, small hug and polite pleasantries were exchanged. The standard "what have you been doing and what are up to" were in order. Being Malaysians, I guess one cannot help but to comment on the other's weight gain for lack of anything significant to say. The dreaded but inevitable statement of "Besarnya kau sekarang" was just waiting round the bend to make its appearance…and it did not fail. Having dispensed with scrutinizing my weight, she finally got down to business.

The M word. Marriage. When am I getting married.

Good question. Now if anybody else out there has any answer to that, do let me know because quite frankly, the question has kind of lost its charm. Especially coming from people whom I haven't spoken to in 10 years. No longer would I blush, shyly saying "bila ada jodoh nanti, insyallah saya kahwin". Tell me, how do you give reason or answer to something which is unpredictable? How can you foresee the future? Because seriously, if I have the slightest idea of when it is ever going to happen, trust me, you would've received invitations by now. And if I know when or who I'll be married to, I'd stop dating half of the male population in Kl. Why should I bother, since I already know when and to whom I'm getting married to.

I'm diverting from what I originally wanted to share with you. Focus.

Question was asked and I felt it was impolite too just stare at her while at the same time wishing that wind would just blow her away since she's as thin as a stick. I guess an answer was expected. Or she wouldn't be standing there with an expectant face. Or maybe I was just imagining things???

"kawin? Nantilah, tunggu I kurus dulu"

"kurus?? Memang confirm la tak kawin sampai bila bila kalau macam tu"

Can somebody just take her away? I might end up stabbing her. Repeatedly.


Sir Pök Déng said...

Haha! Seems like you'd been pissed off by the situation. She had just spoiled everything, wasn't she?

Hazira said...

kuang ajaq btul minah tu!! kem salam maut kat dia!!! tak pun biar angin tiup dia....

Hazrey said...

Hahaha.. no cinta, she is just being bold and honest. You know only good frens will speak honestly and bold, unlike strangers.

On the other hand, dun stab her, push her from tall building.

suhaila said...

question "bile nk kawin?" is like "hai apa kabar" for malays nowadays....especially when we r in 30s....so, juz expect tht u'll b asked n u'll juz give your standard answr...(bear with it coz it will continue till we r married or when w r in our 40s...)hehehe

did u say thanks 2 your so-called-honest friend...? for being so honest 2u? send her my regard n tell her that i really admire her boldness....

Anonymous said...

Duh. She earned the stab x 10.

Cinta said...

Pok deng;
Honestly, I don't think I was pissed. She isnt that important in my life for me to be pissed. More like amused :)

Angin kasi kuat sikit kan? hurricane ke tornado ke.

I did think of pushing her off a tall building, but how do I get her there? and..she's so thin that she wont plummet to the pavement, she'll just ter awang-awang :)

I'd like to think of it this way. that wasnt bold or honesty on her part. she just needed to pick a bone with me to feel good about herself :)

Stab is a very good idea kan? Now..will u be my alibi?

miss cloudy said...

haha... orang mcm tu ada dimana2.. jgnlah kita pun jd gitu gak kan.. eh.. i link u ek.. suka baca blog nih

afah said...

..what really irks you, lady?..her butting in whilst u r having this nice tete-n-tete..?..maybe she's just being friendly..or her enquiry on your maritals..?..none of her business, of course..but its one of the perils of being single in KL...-:)

ouT oF My MinD said...

wow..tajam menikam.
ur frenz tu dh kawin ke...yg dia sibuk sgt ckp orng cmtu.

Cinta said...

miss cloudy,
insyallah takkan jadi mcm tu. I hope so la! :) link away, and thanx for liking it.

now that you've brought up a new point, I began to question myself :)

out of my mind,
She got married right after SPM. mcm cerita drama la pulak..muda muda dah kawin. her eldest already standard 2! and I'm still running around all over KL ish ish

FH in space said...

Cinta.. Please write some new posts!!! Hehhehehhe. I like this one! Been in the same spot b4 too.

Cinta said...

I want to!! But I don't know what to write about :) I need a muse...hehe