Monday, June 8, 2009

Pick of the Week

A little something to start your Monday with. Have a great week ahead!

Promise me that you will listen to this song.


afah said...

..a song by Tony Hatch, lady...I grew up with it..mid-60s and me a strapling kid in KL...along with the Beatles..'when u r alone and life making u lonely..' so...where is yr downtown..?

Cinta said...

KL, proudly born and raised here. Wouldnt want to be anywhere else ;)

afah said...

..right...and rightly has to be proud of one's birthplace..but where really is your downtown..?..everyone has a downtown in their life, lady..somewhere or someone..where they can seek solace..refuge...'where u can forget yr troubles..forget all cares..' ..when this oldster was a angst-driven youth there, downtown was Bukit Bintang Park..and Rose Chan had her striptease shows to a gasping crowd..nothing by todays standard..but to me, that was my downtown..the park, with its brazen neon lights..the, where/wht/who is yours..? :)