Friday, June 5, 2009

I Went Weak in the Knees.

Ok so there I was, at 2.30pm on a Friday afternoon, happily driving along Penchala Link and turning into Jalan Duta. The road was going downhill. I stepped on the brake pedal to go a bit slower...and it froze! The brake to my car completely froze and it wouldn't budge an inch. I was going at 80km/ph, the road was sloping downhill and I felt like the car was sliding out of my control. I shoved at the brake again,praying that the car would slow down. As far as I can see, in that blink of a second, I had two choices. I could either open the car door and jump out and die on the spot because I know for definite that the cars behind me will not have the time to swerve, or I could crash my car to the side divider to avoid colliding with the cars in front me. Not very appealing choices I must say. I needed plan C.

I pushed the hazard light switch on, stepped on the brake pedal once again like my life depended on it and I do mean that literally, and slowly pulled up my handbrake while at the same time easing my car to the shoulder of the road. I must have stopped breathing during the whole ordeal. With car off the road and engine turned off, I stared at the road in front of me for about 3 minutes and I immediately went weak in the knees.

Made a few calls, cancelled all my appointments, pulled out my Etiqa auto assist emergency calling card and called for a tow truck. Thank god I immediately slipped the card into my purse when I went to renew my insurance. That done and tow truck was on its way, I called the cab. A bit of confusion with the cab company because I think they thought that I was kidding when I said that I was by the roadside a few hundred metres away from Lembaga Peperiksaan.

The tow truck took about an hour to get there, traffic probably, so I made a call to an ex while waiting. Like I said before, I'm still friends with all my ex's. I'm not sure why it was him in particular that I called but I guess I somehow knew that he would say the right things. I didn't even want him to come and pick me up. I just needed to hear something that would somehow help me understand what happened to my car and somebody who doesn't think that I was menggelabah over the top. I explained the situation I was in. He told me to feel which of my rims felt hot. So I did and the one in front was terribly hot. Told him so and he explained that the caliper pump was jammed. Ok so when I get to Proton Service, I would at least know what to say.

The few minutes after the tow truck towed away my car, I was left alone by the roadside waiting for the cab. Other drivers would probably think that I had a huge fight with my significant other and in diva like fashion, demanded to be let out of the car immediately. And if before this I had any doubts as to whether I was hot or not, I can be sleep easy from now on. Thank you to all the abang abang yang bawak lori yang honking like mad every time you passed by me. Oh, and thank you for the wolf whistles as well. :p I take all the honking and whistles as a compliment.

Thank you Lily from Etiqa Auto Assist for checking up on me every 10 minutes and making sure that I was all right. No thank you to Latiff from Proton Service Centre for greeting me with that sour look on your face. Senyum la sikit bang. It wouldn't kill you, you know. Sumpah I takde niat nak ngorat you pun kalau you senyum.

So today was the day the day that I went weak in the knees.

Now somebody pass me those mini signs which you stick on the back window of your car which says "BITCH on Board". I think I deserve that cause I know I was a Babe in Total Control of Herself today :) Now that's girl power.