Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Meant for Sharing

My first birthday gift that I can remember were from my parents. It was a shiny, hard cover, illustrated book with the title "The Purple Elephant". I learned English through reading stories from Britannica's Fables and Tales. My first story that I had to read in English was one of Aesop's fables about the fox who wanted the grapes. My father would make me sit in the living room every night and had me reading aloud from that book. No..I'm not going to say that those were my fondest memories because my father is extremely temperamental whenever I fumble on a word. I would cry whenever he got irritated and started to pinch me. Yes, he did that.

When my family and I were about to move back to Malaysia, my ESL teacher, Mrs. Gloria Dogan gave me the book "The Velveteen Rabbit". It's an American classic. The book was very beatiful with lovely pictures in them. I've been in love with books eversince. I still keep those books. Those, I can never give away. They are a part of me because of the memories that they hold.

Don't buy me flowers, don't buy me chocolates or even jewellery. Buy me a book and I'll forever be yours. :)

I have a few books that I want to share and give away. Honestly, it breaks my heart everytime I have to part with a book. But that somebody told me once that books are meant to be shared, not kept on the shelves for it to collect dust. Postal or courier charges will be covered. I just want you to enjoy the books.

If any of the titles below might interest you, let me know. Just advice me on where I should send the books to. Don't leave your address in the comment box. If you would be so kind to email them to me instead, I would appreciate it very much. For my email address, just click on my profile.

Have a good weekend. I'm looking forward to lunches and breakfasts with friends that I haven't seen for quite a while. A weekend for catching up. It'll be a girl-bonding weekend for me.

Where ever you will be this weekend, what ever you do be safe, and have fun!


FH in space said...

Oh my... u r much too kind. If none of ur friends wants ur books, can I ask for one?

Cinta said...

of course. first come first serve :) drop me a line thru email k? :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Cinta,
You would not believe how I am shaking in excitement right now to see books 'under offer'! But would you be interested in an exchange instead? I have a few books I have 'pre-loved' and would like to share with you.

I think this book-offer idea is a brilliant idea of sharing, Cinta!

I am not at home right now and don't have the titles of books I have on top of my head. But will email you as soon as I get home tomorrow. And they are in exchange for 'Seven Types of Ambiguity' and 'A Short History of Nearly Everything', please?

Many thanks!

La didi didi life is good!


Cinta said...

Of course I would love to exchange and the 2 books that u're interested in hasnt been snatched up yet. :) u're in luck.

email me ur postal address at